Monday, December 19, 2011

Sometimes, It Works. Sometimes, It Doesn't

I sat in with a new D&D group yesterday.  Nice folks.  The DM's a long-term SCA buddy who puts a lot of thought and effort into his games.  On a purely social level, I had a lovely time.

From a gaming perspective, I don't think I'm a good fit for this campaign.  First off, it's D&D 3.5.  While I played the hell out of that system for years, I've moved on, and there's only so much space in my brain for D&D and its various editions.  For the past eighteen months or longer, my D&D has been entirely of the Pathfinder or the 4th Edition variety.  I can't keep three sets of rules with that much similarity straight.

Compounding the problem is the nature of the game.  Epic level 3.5.  I was asked to create a 23rd level character, specifically a cleric.  I've barely played a dedicated spellcaster in any version of D&D, much less a 23rd level one.  The other new player sitting next to me was also playing a cleric.  As a result, the combats came to a screeching halt every time we had to pick a spell.

But I think that really, it comes down to my tastes.  I'm not an epic-level sort of guy.  I like the low to mid-level games.  Yeah, I got that Paladin up to 18th level a few years ago, but by that point, we were already rocking an epic style of play that had nothing to do with the rules, and we knew there was a definite endgame in sight.  With this, I don't know what I'm even shooting for.  It's not comfortable, and not in a "I should stretch my limits" sort of not comfortable.

Which sucks, because I'd love to sit down and play some mid-level Pathfinder with these folks.

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