Sunday, January 2, 2011

Wherein I Take Requests

I'm on vacation this coming week. I've got a garage to clean, some superheroes and villains to stat up, and an adventure to finalize.  So I'm not sure how much effort I'll have to spare in terms of making up subject matter for this week.  Thus, I turn to you, my handful of regular readers:  suggest topics and I will attempt to hold forth on them.

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  1. Probably too late for your requests thing, but if you do it again in the future here's an idea...
    If you're sort of theme is I'm a gamer and have been forever...
    Is the Fiend Folio (1e) ridiculous, stupid, inadequate, or perfectly serviceable? I've been looking at my copy with an eye towards writing a review one of these days, but I was not part of the 1e generation to whom it was soemthing new at the time.