Sunday, January 23, 2011

Plots and Plans

I'm fighting off a cold, but it's still a game-tastic day today.  At the moment, I've just finished finalizing the PCs for next Saturdays Barbarians of Lemuria Owlcon round.  I've still got some NPCs and minions to write up, but it's on track for completion.  In about an hour, I've got a one-shot with my 4e D&D group with one of the regular players filling in as special guest DM.

After Owlcon, I've got a couple of projects planned.  I'm looking to run a Castles & Crusades game for a group composed almost entirely of new gamers.  I'm also talking with one of the Tuesday night guys about a supers thing we might put together as a joint proposal, trading GMing chores.

So doubtlessly, something will pop up and completely distract me from either task.  Because that's how my brain works.

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