Saturday, February 11, 2012

Miss January: Sonic Replicator

Here's the first of the Well-Meaning Heroes.  Between her name, her generic costume, and utterly meaningless powers, I pretty much had to make her up from whole cloth.  It wasn't easy.

Sonic Replicator
Sonia Reposada

Prowess  3
Coordination  4
Strength  3
Intellect  4
Awareness  6
Willpower  6

Stamina  9
Determination  *

  Science (Geology)

  Elemental Control 5 (Sound)
  Duplication 3
  Supersenses 3 (Sonar, Enhanced Hearing, Extended Hearing )

  Catchphrase : "Time for some three-part harmony!"
  Motivation : Means Well
  Connection:  Well-Meaning Friends

  Personal : Poor Eyesight
  Weakness : Powers Do Not Work In A Vacuum

Point Total  40


Sonia Reposada worked as a systems administrator in a subterranean data center, remotely managing a series of seismic experiments.  The biggest and most important involved recording the sounds of earthquakes forming deep within the Earth's crust, in order to find new ways of detecting them.  The sounds required massive amplification and enhancement, and much of her work involved babysitting the computers that did the heavy lifting.  All in all, it was actually pretty boring stuff.

Until Zzyrge struck the nearby hydroelectric dam.  The ensuing power surge overloaded every circuit in a 100 mile radius.  In the case of Sonia's center, it also triggered what invetigators later called "a massive sonic anomaly."  Exposed to extreme ultrasonic vibrations, Sonia changed.  She became a being composed of "solid sound," possessing the ability to generate sonic blasts, as well as create and shape "solid sound."  Furthermore, she could split herself into three identical copies.  Shortly thereafter, she was contacted by the Well-Meaning Friends, and she joined immediately.

Next Up: Mister February - Captain Upgrade!

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