Friday, February 10, 2012

Coming Soon - "The Well-Meaning Friends"

Now that I'm clear of Owlcon, my brain has been flailing around trying to figure out what's next.  Lately, supers have been back in the old mental spotlight, thanks to the "Avengers" and "Spider-Man" trailers.  Which naturally gets me thinking about ICONS (also ICONS Team-Up is coming out soon, and I found out "Sins of the Past" will be getting the print treatment in the upcoming adventure anthology).  So, I'm going to make some new characters.

But these will be somewhat...different.

I am a geek.  Proud of it.  Everyone who knows me tends to be aware of it or figures it out pretty quickly.  I read comics and RPG books in public, have an Avengers logo as my iPhone wallpaper, and a Nightcrawler tumbler on my desk.  I yam what I yam, and my co-workers accept it.

The very occasional downside of this is that said co-workers will inevitably bestow upon me anything they they end up with that's even remotely comic book or superhero themed.  I understand that they mean well, but they really don't get why a calendar (or two) from a technology vendor featuring "Superheroes Who Get It" is eighteen kinds of lame.  After all, all they see are the garish drawings and such.

Recently, I was bored and actually looked through one of the copies I'd been given.  It's from a company called CDW (those of you in IT Land probably know of them).  It features a dozen "superheroes" who only could come from the collective hive mind of a marketing team, each tied rather dubiously to a technology or service CDW provides.  Superheroes such as "Captain Upgrade, Regulator of Software Compliance."  Or "The Hackhammer, Master of System Security."  Yeah, they're all like that.

The cheese was so deep, so very, very lame, I realized I had to do something more with it.  Something to truly immortalize them.  And so, The Well-Meaning Friends were born.  I'm going to make up ICONS stats for all twelve of them, probably based more on their names and costumes than their ad copy.  And I'm going to share them with the world.


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