Sunday, February 5, 2012

Pro Tip: Sorcerers Are Vulnerable To Helicopters

Another Owlcon down.  Without a doubt, it was one of my personal bests.  In the course of one evening and one very full day, I managed about sixteen hours of gaming, including my first ever time to play a World of Darkness game (I know!).  From a GMing perspective, I considered it quite successful, as both sessions of my Feng Shui game came off quite well.  I will probably write about them at length in the near future, but at the moment, it's sufficient to note that both games ended with the evil sorcerer being killed by having a helicopter slammed into him.  If that's not Feng Shui, I don't know what is.

Here's the cast of characters from yesterday's fun:

Played by Chow Yun Fat
Detective Reno Tso, Renegade Cop
Bringing your brother, the notorious "Tahoe" Tso to justice, should have been the pinnacle of your career.  But it was just the beginning of a downward spiral  Tahoe was into some really weird stuff, and now, you have to get to the bottom of it, even if they partnered you with Jackie.

Played by Jackie Chan
Detective Jackie, Karate Cop
Even as a child studying kung-fu, you always wanted to be a cop. You graduated at the top of your Academy class and made detective in record time.  Then, you got partnered with Reno. He's a mess.  Maybe they think you can fix him up.  Maybe you can.  After all, helping people is what you do.

Played by Eddie Griffin
Cornelius "Cyclone" Jones, Agent of GROOVE, Spy

All around suave super-spy, and the sole remaining practitioner of Prancing Allah Kung-Fu. 

"Cyclone" Jones is so funky he'll make you say, "Damn, that brother's funky."

Played by HK knock-off Hulk
"They Call Him Bruce," Supernatural Creature
There you were, minding your own business in the Underworld, when this idiot sorcerer yanked you out.  Then he dragged you through these caves and you came out here.  Wherever here is.  Anyway, you settled his hash.  Now to hide out until you can find your way home.

Played by Michelle Yeoh
Code Name: Tigress, Renegade Transformed Animal
You took a shortcut on the path to reincarnation.  Born a tiger, you evolved yourself into a human.  Fleeing the magic-invested world of the past, you found a world ruled by your kind.  But they had lost the path of honor.  Turning your back on them, you make your own way in the world.


Played by Maggie Cheung
Jade Tears, Martial Artist
The only child of Do Kwan, the Emerald Sifu, your father tried to shield you from the world of martial arts.  He failed.  When the army came and killed him, you fled into the hills.  In a cave, you found a strange path that led you to this place.