Thursday, January 5, 2012

She Just Wants Everyone To Be Happy, So She Can Be Rich

It's a new year, so why not celebrate with a new ICONS character?

Doktor Bliss
Erika Bläss

Prowess  2
Coordination  4
Strength  2
Intellect  8
Awareness  7
Willpower  6

Stamina  8


  Ability Increase Device  6 (Willpower) (Amulet)
  Emotion Control Device 6 (Pleasure) (Amulet)
  Invulnerability Device 5 (Amulet)

Motivation: "Doing well while doing good."
Catchphrase: "Don't be sad."


Enemy: All-American Girl
Weakness: Emotion Control Can Only Work On Humans and Near-Humans
Bad Luck

Erika Bläss overcame the tragedies of her childhood behind the Iron Curtain to become a successful psychiatrist in the United States.  But it wasn't enough.  She wasn't rich enough, her patients weren't happy enough.  Turning first to New Age quackery and then to full-on occultism, she pursued and acquired her means to both: The Amulet of Laeticia, the ancient Roman goddess of joy and delight.  Besides protecting her from all harm, it allows her to induce a state of sheer ecstatic bliss in all around her, rendering them incapable of interfering while she collects her "fee" from nearby jewelry cases, bank vaults, and the occasional high-end auto dealership.  After all, she deserves to be happy too.

Point Total  44


  1. Awesome. I dig your characters and will probably use this one in my Icons game (whenever that happens!)

  2. Excellent - I'm glad the ICONS character write ups have returned for 2012!

  3. Thanks for the kind words, folks. This was one of those characters that I don't think could have happened without random character generation.

    I'm hoping to get back on the ICONS horse this year, both in terms of creating characters and maybe running it as well (at the moment, I'm kind of regretting not signing up to run it at Owlcon instead of Feng Shui).

  4. Great character!
    Looking to start up our ICONS game later this month.

  5. Theron,

    Was she rolled or did you buy the points?

  6. @Fabricio: She was rolled up randomly.