Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Oh, and Den Da Las' Night of Troll Camp Dat Year

Muh buddy Osbad and myself stole a raft and went across the lake to Troll Girls' Camp.  But dey had dese nasty wire traps and one cut my head clean off and an alarm went off.  Osbad stuck it back on, but I had to row all da way back to our camp lookin' over muh right shoulder.  Never did get to see da girls.

Den Couns'ler Boltorg caught us and took me to the nurse's cave.  She cut my head off AGIN and put it on right.

Didn't hurt...


  1. I really need to stop these laughing fits. People are looking at me funny. How about a story from Troll Girls' Camp? That could be hilarious.

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  3. Glad it didn't hurt when it got put back on right.