Sunday, November 6, 2011

All Over The Map

I'm still alive.  My imagination is still a mess of competing influences that won't settle down enough for me to do anything productive.  My wife's had some health issues that have kept me away from the gaming table for my last two scheduled game sessions.  Nothing serious, but the sort of thing where I feel better being close to home.

So, what's competing for my attention these days, anyway?

Star Wars Saga Edition: I got a little tired of listening to "Gunsmoke" every night on my evening walk, so I started listening to the Order 66 podcast.  SWSE is a cool system I've never gotten to try out, and one of those games I could definitely see myself running for my son (the local Star Wars fanatic).

The One Ring: Adventures Over The Edge of the Wild:  I'm a sucker for Tolkien, and this is, far and away, the best depiction of Tolkien's Middle Earth in an RPG.  Unfortunately, my hummingbird-esque attention span means I'm reading this in tiny little bits and it's hard to get a good handle on the rules yet.  But it's lovely and a game I'll have to run at some point, if only as a one-shot.

Dread: The First Book of Pandemonium:  About two weeks ago, I found out that Rafael Chandler put everything for his self-published game of demon hunting horror out on RPGnow for free.  How could I resist?  I'm still reading my way through the first book, but feel of the game and its cosmology appeal to me so far.

Vampire: the Masquerade:  I bought myself the 20th Anniversary Edition back in July for my birthday.  I've got the PDF and the book is due to arrive any day now.  VtM is another one of those games I've never really gotten to play, and the newer version just doesn't grab my attention the same way.

Not to mention the usual temptations: supers, westerns, getting my 4th ed game back on track...Here's hoping things will click for me again sooner than later.

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  1. Order 66 is a good podcast. I haven't listened to it in a while, instead focusing on the Pathfinder one from d20 radio. I have 2 of those books.

    I'm wondering what Fantasy Flight is going to do with the Star Wars license. Knowing them, I'm sure the rpg will have tons of little pieces, should they make one.