Thursday, November 17, 2011

The good news is that I’m beginning to feel inspired and creative and interested in running a game again.

The bad news is that, if I were to run anything I currently feel inspired, creative, and interested in, I’d largely have to recruit new players.  This is not a gripe about my current crop of available players; they’re a great bunch of gamers.  But, the sad truth is, a World of Darkness game or Unknown Armies won’t appeal to most of them.  Also, the typical size of the Tuesday crew precludes any sort of game with intense emotional or roleplay-heavy elements.

I’m actually considering trying a one-on-one game with my wife, though we’ve never done any one-on-one gaming.


  1. I know. I've got a couple of pitches that are just plain out of the gang's strike zone.

  2. I highly recommend WoD for one on one RPGing.

  3. Tim and I played a one on one game before. Was fun. My first time playing, at that.