Thursday, May 19, 2011

Where I Gripe About How Lousy This Blog Is And Save You The Trouble

I fear My Dice Are Older Than You is beginning to die of neglect.  Unfortunately, I'm not sure what I can do to turn it around at the moment.  Work still has me socked in; we started a major project back in February and while it's largely up and running, during that massive time-eater, my department lost one of our support techs (I work in IT support, and we're a small department with a lot of users.  Said departure occurred 49 days ago and we still haven't filled the gap and I've had to take up most of the slack.  So, by the time I get home or find a quiet moment at work, I'm more concerned with recovering than thinking deep (or even shallow) thinks about gaming.

Actually, that last bit isn't true.  I think about gaming all the time, but I feel that anything I put here should have some small measure of coherence, and much of my gaming thought at the moment is scattershot and incomplete.

I'm still gaming, but I have to admit I'm not putting as much energy into it.  I've got my C&C game on Saturday, and I need to make myself sit down tonight and figure out what I'm going to do about XP and levels and whether or not I want to port things over to a different system entirely.  I still want to write some pieces here on weapons and armour and realism in gaming.  I want to do a series on inspirations for Swords & Sorcery games.  I have some neat ideas for superheroic stuff that I hope will coalesce into something larger and worth sharing.

Terry Pratchett once said something like, "When people say they want to write a novel, what they mean is they want to have written a novel."  The same goes for having a great gaming blog.  I know what I want this one to be, but it's not there and it's not going to be there for a while, I suspect.


  1. I really like reading your blog. Just because im lurking and not commenting doesn't mean we are not reading. =)

  2. Hey, thanks! I appreciate it.

    I didn't mean for my post to be a pity-party, more of a hard look at how things are at the moment.

    On the plus side, I've just spent the last two hours converting PCs for my Saturday game to 4e from C&C, so I seem to have some momentum tonight.