Thursday, May 19, 2011

And Now, the Second-Guessing Begins

I just spent the past few hours converting the C&C PCs from my Saturday group over to 4e.  I want to see if this deals with my own boredom with "Old School Dungeon Crawling" (because, honestly, there's just not a lot for my goblins to do most of the time except make me roll a lot of dice and die horribly), and addresses the concerns I had with the tortoise-like rate of advancement that is Castles & Crusades.  While this will mean a bit more work on the game prep front, I'm hoping the payoff will be a more engaged DM and players who still have fun.

Also, two of my crew are moving away at the end of the summer.  I figure if I teach them how to play 4e, they'll have a little better shot at scaring up a new game if they decide they want to keep playing in their new city.

But until game time, I'm going to be wondering if it's the right way to go.  I know the world won't end if it's the wrong choice.  Granted, according to some, the world will end on Saturday.  I guess any game is better than none under the circumstances.


  1. Good luck with the conversion. It's important for everyone to be engaged. :)

  2. I'm feeling better about it today, actually. Up to this point, I've been largely playing with someone else's sandbox (a decent little old-school dungeon I found online). Looking at the next level (should they decide to take that route, I pretty much had to scrap it for 4e, and came up with some stuff I like a lot better. I suspect we'll hit some bumps on the road learning how things work, but I'm optimistic.

  3. Hope all goes well and that this time, 4E does meet your needs.