Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Them's The Breaks

So, last night, I informed my Tuesday crew that I'll be taking some breaks from our weekly game.  Right now, we have the "A" game, an ongoing Pathfinder campaign, and the "B" game, which tends to vary a bit (most recently, it was M&M3, but we're going back to the 1890s Adventure! game next week).  I'll be stepping down from the B games for a while, in order to get in some fencing, as the local SCA groups practice on Tuesday nights.

It's not an easy decision, even though I only plan for it to be temporary.  This group has gone a long way towards keeping me sane for the past (almost) five years, and I enjoy the hell out of their company, never mind the ongoing games.  But I have quite a bit of rust to shake loose on the fencing front, and the only way that's going to happen is for me to get out and fence regularly.

Of course, I'll still have the Pathfinder sessions (and probably whatever A game comes along after), and I've still got the occasional Sundays 4e group, and my own occasional C&C game, but it's still a change of focus.  It also means I'll probably be less focused on thinking about games I'd like to play/run and more focused on the ones I am playing, which might not be such a bad thing.

(There will also likely be a focus on weapons and armour in this blog in the coming weeks.  I know how my brain works.)

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