Saturday, April 11, 2015

Classic Enemies: Terror Incorporated

Howdy, True Believers!  After the Raiders, I needed something different to cleanse my palate.  Fortunately, different was one page away.  Terror Incorporated (created by Steve Perrin) is a neat little ban of murderous rogues, led by a low-rent Dr. Destroyer fan-boy.  Let's take a look, shall we?

Name:  Professor Muerte

Affiliation:  Terror Incorporated

What's His Deal?:  OK, get this:  Hernan Cortez (I'm not making this up) grew up near the Nazi-exile compound in Argentina.  He idolized Albert Zerstoiten (aka Dr. Destroyer) to the point of self-mutilation to imitate his hero.  Eventually, his infatuation faded, and by then he decided to set out on his own, as Professor Muerte.  He founded Terror, Inc. to set himself up as an emperor, ruling over the fearful.

Coolness:  You've got to admire his commitment. He's specifically set up as a lower powered surrogate for Dr. D, which reinforces the notion that everything presented in Champions at this point was optional.  There was no Champions Universe other than a sort of consensual one based on sourcebooks.  It's a very freeing thing.  Also, I dig the skull mask.

Lameness:  He's really weak without his armor.  He's also got a lot of points socked away in bases and followers, which means his 450+ points are more like 350.  He's still quite formidable.

How's The Math?:  Off a bit.  It's hard to find where because of the way Creation Workshop handles characteristics bought via focus.

Did/Would Use In My Game?:  Definitely.  They were mainstays of my old games, since Herr Doktor outclassed the PCs.  In Agents of IMPACT (which I'll write about some day), they were professional Terrorists of the Carlos the Jackal variety.  The Professor's a fun guy to use.

Name:  Scorpia

Affiliation: Terror Incorporated

What's Her Deal?: She's an assassin with claws!  But she's not Pantera. Scorpia is deliberate, skilled combatant, and skilled martial artist.  She's also the only member of Terror Inc. who isn't horribly disfigured.

Coolness:  Good costume, interesting use of an NND to simulate poison in her claws.  She's hunted by those pesky New Knights of the Round Table as well as STOP, another British team. This is the first we've heard of them.

Lameness: She's an Irish terrorist, which was pretty de rigeur back then.  She's the second clawed female assassin in the book, though her schtick is different.

Did/Will Use In My Game?:  Absolutely. In the IMPACT game, she was a freelance assassin, who worked with Terror Inc when it suited her.

Name:  Giganto

Affiliation:  Terror Incorporated

What's His Deal?:  He's pretty much The Thing as a villain.  He's a rocky brick. Super-strong, not too bright, very - VERY - tough, and loyal to his boss.

Coolness:  I love the way Pat Zircher drew him.  He's very effective for his point value, and he's one of the strongest characters to appear in CE.

Lameness:  No skills, really.  Also, despite being named Giganto, he's only 5'8".  Maybe it's ironic.

How's The Math?:  Off by a few points.  CW says Hardened Defenses cost less than the book.  Also, the cost breakdowns of some of his Disadvantages were a little off.

Did/Will Use In My Game?:  He's the Professor's faithful lapdog. It wouldn't be any fun without him.

Name:  Feur

Affiliation:  Terror Incorporated

What's His Deal?:  Professional mercenary who had an accident and is permanently on fire. Apart from that, generically powerful energy projector.

Coolness:  Dude's on fire all the time.  I guess that counts for something.

Lameness:  Kind of boring.  Makes bad puns/cracks about his powers/situation.

How's the Math?:  Off by a point. One of his skills is mis-priced.

Did/Will Use In My Game?:  See above.  He's OK. Not interesting, really, but he provides a decent ranged threat, and his Damage Shield is always fun.

So, that's the big guns for you.  They're not super awesome, but they feel more cohesive than that last bunch.  There's also a write-up of TI's Agents, because they actually have agents.  I don't really need to say much about them.


  1. I always loved that Terror, Inc. was basically the evil Fantastic Four. I used Prof. Muerte as one of the A-list bad guys in one of my campaigns (where Destroyer was long dead and he was his protege and successor). Oh, and my Giganto really was a giant with Growth powers. Big fun.

  2. I have to find a copy of this book. I love what you're writing here, but I feel like your teasing us with just enough to be really curious, and then leave us hanging :)

  3. I also thought the TI was the "what if Doom ran the FF." I actually liked these guys as a pretty solid diverse group (brick, martial artist, blaster)

  4. If I'd been more on the ball when I was writing this one, I'd have highlighted the FF similarities a bit more. Unfortunately, I was dealing with multiple distractions. Hopefully, today's entry on Project Sunburst was more thorough.

  5. I always ran the Professor as trying to do that one big evil thing that would impress his hero Dr D. Everything he did was to get the Dr to notice him and acknowledge his worthiness. Much like Thanos and his worship of Death in the Marvel books. So everything was always flashy and very public to show the Dr what his #1 fan was doing. Always good plot line for the PC story and the group could give a nice fight to the heroes.