Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Classic Enemies: IN SENSURROUND!

Tonight, we look at the third and final Barry Wilson creation from Classic Enemies: Earthmaster.

I'm not going to lie to you, true believer: I never had much use for this guy.  But let's give him a rundown all the same.

Earthmaster was a seismologist researching the San Andreas Fault.  In the course of his studies, he discovered a powerful artifact: the Earth Crown of Krim (interestingly enough, this is the first mention of Krim, though at some later point in the Champions Universe, the Iron Crown worn by Dark Seraph would become the Iron Crown of Krim and other becrowned villains would turn up).  Anyway, the crown infused the gauntlets he used for his research with power (which is why he's not wearing it) granting him lots of strength and toughness, which seems to be innate (no Focus Limitation) as well as a bunch of earth-related Tunneling, Blasting, and Entangling powers that aren't.

The interesting thing about those powers is that they're all either Explosive or Area Effect.  He is incapable of subtlety: everything is large-scale and rather indiscriminate.  It's an interesting twist, really.  It makes him a serious threat in populated areas because even if he doesn't intend to threaten innocents, it can happen.

Personality-wise, his origin gave him a healthy dose of megalomania.  He sees himself as the vengeful guardian of the Earth with an emphasis on vengeful.  His approach is that of a hard-core ecoterrorist, with ample power to back himself up.  That said, he's a bit low Speed for a solo villain, so he's going to work best in a group (which is probably why he ultimately got rolled into the Crowns of Krim).

Like I said above, he's not a character I ever had a lot of use for.  My games never needed him, so he never turned up.  It happens.

Next time, I'm going to break from the order of the book and provide a triple feature of characters straight outta Stronghold.


  1. A scary guy to have tunnel up in the middle of say a refinery.

  2. Another player in the Crowns of Krin contestants. I had many Crowns in my world, Gold, Solver, Iron, Copper. The Elder Gods that was manipulating events almost made it into our world. The players finally pieced together random clues to figure out what was really happening and managed to save the day again.