Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Three Games In Four Days

The #rpgaday challenge is done, but I don't plan on going back into stealth mode just yet.  Over the past four days, I got three games in and I figured I'd talk a little about those.

Saturday, I GMed D&D 5th Edition for my son and the guys from the Mutant Future game (our Mutant Master is about to go on paternity leave and I don't want the band to break up during our downtime).  I used Horde of the Dragon Queen, and got about halfway through the first chapter.  The PCs consist of three pre-gens from the Starter Box: the Dwarf Cleric (Father Mungo), the Halfling Cleric (Nit), and the human longbow fighter (Arenher), along with a high elven monk my son came up with (Erdan Feyfist).

All of the group are experienced gamers.  None of us had played 5e.  From a DMing perspective, I really like the game. It's easy to run, and very easy to eyeball stuff and make rulings on the fly.  We got through six combat encounters in four hours, while learning rules, role-playing, and problem-solving.

The module is great.  It feels like 2nd edition Forgotten Realms, and that makes me happy.  My only complaint is that Wizards didn't make the monsters from the Appendix in the book available online.  I've gotten to where I rely heavily on PDFs when I GM, and I hated having to flip to the back of the book for one set of stats while I had everything else printed out on paper I could mark up.

Sunday, we (my son and I) went to my buddy Greg's D&D 4e game.  This is a long-running campaign that started at 1st level and is currently 16th.  I played my El-Adrin Swordmage, Rashid, and my son guest starred as our party's follower.  We beat up a lot of drakes.  Rashid briefly ran out of hit points but got better.  Good times.

Last night was the last part of a brief Dragon Age game I've been running for the Tuesday Night Crew, while our Pathfinder GMs are on break.  This was the third part of the adventure in the first boxed set.  Introducing the guys to Dragon Age has made for an interesting diversion from the usual d20-derived games.  By the end of this session, they were fully embracing the stunt system and generally acting like Big Damn Heroes.

My game ended a bit early, so we spent the last hour spit-balling ideas for our next game, a short FATE-based space opera.  It appears we will be Shadowrunners in space, more or less.  I think my character is going to be a Combat Accountant.

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