Sunday, September 21, 2014

Double Header Weekend

Yesterday, I ran more of "Hoard of the Dragon Queen" for the guys.  They survived the siege of Greenest and have bluffed their way into the camp of the raiders.  High points include the single combat, which went longer than I'd expected, and my loud, ADHD fourteen-year-old telling one of the other players to tone it down a notch.

Today, I kicked off the playtest of Dresden Files for FATE Accelerated Edition.  I freely admit I got into the playtest via nepotism.  That said, I am committed to do it justice, so even if I'm not a FATE guru now, I'm intent on getting there.  Most of my players are in the same boat, but we're all big fans of the source material.

With that in mind, we sat down and established our setting details, opting for Houston (since it's where we live).  We came up with a couple of initial aspects ("Winter lasts one week," "The most diverse city in America," among others), and then characters.  We ended up with a White Court Wizard who's spent far too much time in the Nevernever, a human who rejected his Changeling heritage, and a Houston cop who's trying to balance her True Faith with unwelcome knowledge of the supernatural.  I also wrote up the owner of a local magic shop (Tex-Arcana) they can use as a base of operations, just for fun.

That done, we managed a short combat-heavy encounter rooting a Red Court vampire and her minions out of an abandoned mansion.

I'm not going to get into the rules stuff.  Suffice to say, what we did certainly felt right.  There are a lot of rules we still need to play with but it was a good start.

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