Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Hey, I Made a FATE Guy!

(Technically, I made an FAE character over the weekend, but this is my first FATE Core character)

After a couple of weeks of world-building and a somewhat contentious character-creation session (we had some confusion about the follow-up phases and who gets what Aspect when), we're just about ready to go.  We're using FATE Core with a few skills renamed (Data for Lore, for instance).  Anyway, here's my dude.

Name: Newton Bohm

Description:  Multiethnic male.  Height 164 cm, Weight 75 kg.  Eyes brown, hair black.  Normally shows a rather distracted expression unless focused on a problem, at which point he becomes focused to the point of monomania.

High Concept:  Unlicensed Cog
Trouble:  Ur-Obsessed.

Other Aspects:
I owe Harlan big time.
I have seen The Universe.
I can think my way out of anything.

Data (Great +4)
Notice, Computer (Good +3)
Empathy, Will, Pilot (Fair +2)
Shoot, Stealth, Burglary, Investigate (Good +1)

I’ve read about that! (Spend 1 Fate point to use Data in place of any other skill for one roll or exchange)
Danger Sense
Indomitable (+2 to defend from Provoke attempts related to intimidation or fear)

Refresh: 3

Physical Stress: 2 Boxes
Mental Stress: 3 Boxes


“Brain Man”
There’s a reason Cogs are banned from Boa Sorte.  Even Cogs with no Guild standing.  It’s not like I was counting cards, mind you, I was counting EVERYTHING.  Long story short, some very unpleasant people took a distinct dislike to my activities.  If Harlan hadn’t “taken a shine” to me, I’d probably be in orbit without the benefit of an environment suit.

“Harlan’s Head-Huntin’ Expedition”
My fortunes tied to Harlan, I accompanied him and Professor Bobo, a most curious fellow on a search for the head of a massive Ur statue. According to the good Professor, whilst attempting to translate an Ur inscription, I was subjected to a large-scale memetic infection which attempted to overwrite my central nervous system.  I prefer to believe I achieved a small measure of enlightenment regarding Ur mind-sciences.  It was the closest thing I’ve experienced to the Cognetic Mindweb since my dismissal from the Guild. I have seen the underlying fabric of the Universe and I will see it again.

“The Azure Expedition”
When Professor Bobo informed me that there were probably Ur artifacts on Azure, I fairly leaped at the opportunity to accompany him and his bodyguard, a small rabbit-like (and extremely violent) alien named Jack.  As matters turned out, my brilliant intellect and Jack’s propensity for sudden lethal violence made an excellent pairing in light of the incredibly hostile native fauna.

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