Friday, April 22, 2011

Stay on Target...

Tomorrow will be the third C&C game.  I fear I'm already beginning to fall victim to system drift.  For all the things C&C does right, I really feel like the pace of character advancement is fairly glacial compared to both 3.x/Pathfinder and 4e.  I really don't remember whether early editions of D&D were like this, but it definitely bugs me.  Worse, I'm not sure that just giving the PCs more XP and advancing them will necessarily fix the problem.  I find I like a bit more of a tactical feel to my games (not surprising coming from my Champions background, I suppose), and C&C doesn't do much to scratch that itch.

But, by the same token, it seems like my players are having a good time.  And it's not like I'm having a bad time, just that there are things I feel are lacking a bit.  And changing up systems on a group of new players is hardly Cricket.  All of which means I think I should just suck it up and keep rolling with C&C.  Though I may dole out more XP to keep things interesting.


  1. I ran a C&C Campaign for a couple of years, and character advancement felt terribly slow to all of us also. My group had some other issues with the system aswell. We did have fun at the time but have moved on to other games since then.

  2. I've decided to award XP based on treasure, something I've never done in the past, simply because, having just run the numbers, I see that the looting has outstripped the monster XP by a factor of about 9 to 1. Seriously.

    The other factor is that it's a pretty large group (5-7 players), so that cuts down on the available XP as well.

    On the other hand, my game prep for tomorrow took all of 20 minutes, including running the XP and treasure numbers. Any other d20ish game is going to require a lot more work.

    Maybe I'll substitute Pathfinder's XP values instead. They're significantly higher, but if I use them consistently, and everyone has a good time, I don't see where the harm would be.