Thursday, April 21, 2011

Meet the New Bors

With the passing of Einar, I needed to come up with a new PC for the Pathfinder game.  Since our group is notoriously low on tank-types, I decided to pass on some of the more interesting, if eclectic options (Witch, Summoner), and chose to play a knight.  But not a knight in shining armor.  I've done one of those in recent memory.  No, this is a far grittier sort, based on the historical model, with a bit of fantasy flavor.

Sir Bors is a Furyondian knight who's spent the last few years up on the border with the Empire of Iuz.  He can ride and charge and all that good stuff, but he's perfectly happy fighting on foot and engaging in guerilla warfare if need be.

Rules-wise, he's a Cavalier 4, Bard 1, Battle Herald 1.  The Battle Herald is a pretty cool prestige class that allows me to tank like a front line combatant coupled with leadership stuff similar to a 4e Warlord.

And because I'm a total geek for things like heraldry, I got to make up a coat of arms for him:

Or, a bend sable, overall three boars heads gules.

(I also apologize for the terrible puns the above coat of arms.  I "cant" help it.)


  1. It's worth noting that I became a heraldry geek approximately fifteen minutes after rolling up my first D&D character and deciding he needed a proper coat of arms for his shield. Come to think of it, that shield featured a boar as well.

  2. You've got a knack for it. One of my players would go wild designing the various heraldry symbols of the party, the kingdom etc. It adds alot to the Campaign.

  3. Well, to be fair, I do have a good eye for heraldic design, balance, etc. But this site here did all the heavy lifting:

  4. I'll bring a sword-and-board fig and a mounted cavalier fig for you tomorrow. Probably the same ones we used for the guest paladin in my weekend game.

  5. @Greg: On foot, he actually uses a greatsword, only going to sword and board when he's mounted. Not that it matters much, I'm not very picky about minis, as long as I know which one is my guy.

  6. Nice to see people "in the wild" using our heraldry editor. :)