Monday, April 25, 2011

Gonna Get A Copy For My Mama

Back in August, before I moved this blog over from Dreamwidth, this came out via RPGnow:

"Sins of the Past" is an adventure I wrote for ICONS, a really nifty rules-light superhero game published by Adamant Entertainment (and distributed in print by Cubicle 7).  It (Sins) got some nice reviews, including one that said it was the best superhero adventure they'd ever read, which still gives me warm fuzzies.  All I know is that, if you play ICONS, there are worse ways you could spend five bucks, and even if you don't like the story, it comes with close to a dozen new heroes and villains and some really nice artwork from Dan Hauser.

Anyway, that was several months ago.  After I wrote it, I went through a rough patch trying to write another one, and ended up having to put it on hold because nothing was coming together right.  Also, in playtesting the adventure, I'd found there were some things about ICONS that just really didn't quite suit my personal style.  They were things I'd probably sit down and fix if I were going to play it regularly, but that didn't seem likely, and I felt like anything I was writing should cleave as closely to the official rules as possible.

So, the long and short of it was that my relationship with ICONS, while happy, was pretty much a one-time thing.  Or so I thought.

Today, I got news of this:

And noticed my name there on the cover.  As it turns out, when putting together an enemies supplement for the game, Gareth (editor and honcho at Adamant) decided to include a couple of the baddies I created for "Sins."  On top of a great mix of bad guys, it also includes a number of optional rules that fill a couple of the rules holes that bugged me in the past.  I'm still not sure about how ICONS works for a long-term campaign, but I think there's more than enough here for some satisfying one-shots.

Better yet, as this is going to be an actual printed-and-bound-and-sold-in-stores game book (as opposed to PDF-only), I can finally send a copy of something I've had published to my mom and not have to walk her through opening the file without crashing her computer.

Considering my wife started a new job this morning after a four-month layoff, I have to say today's been pretty good so far.


  1. Right on, man. Congrats to you both!

  2. I'm sorry I didn't mention it to you over the weekend--I got my PDF copy two weeks ago, and your name was on it.

    I thought you knew!