Thursday, February 3, 2011

Speaking Of Gamer Crafts

When I was getting packed for Owlcon, I discovered I'd never unpacked my stuff from the last game I ran back in '10, a Lucha Libre Hero round ("Los Misterios Contra La Hija de Franquestein!").  For that game, I made little Luchadore faces mounted on Popsicle sticks the players could hold up when they were speaking in character.

Front Row (L to R):  Silver Sapphire, Caveman Cortez (the Wrestling Detective), El Espectro
Middle Row (L to R): Craneo Llameante, Supergran (the Atomic Aztec), Amazonia (the Jungle Princess)
Back Row:  "Franquesteins," aka Frankenstein monsters.  They had a killer 'stache and a goatee because it was a Luchadore movie, duh.