Thursday, May 8, 2014


So, the game seems to be a thing that's going to happen.  I'm still hashing out scheduling, but I'm confident enough to start putting things together.  I don't want to over-prepare, since that almost always leads to the game collapsing about three sessions in, but I do need to work out a few things in advance.

First off, we'll be using random character generation.  That will be most of the first session, I suspect, with a little introductory slugfest to teach the rules.

For the setting, I'm going to use Meridian, an old setting of mine that grew all sorts of interesting stuff when I wasn't looking.  A long time ago, I sat down and put all of the information that had kind of just happened when I was creating characters in one place, and now I'm going through it to figure out what I'm going to use, and how.

Dr. Cereberus, the Science Dog is definitely in.  As are EUREKA, HADES, Blakatoa, and The Fedora Noir Detective Agency.  Stu Murphy, the world's only superpowered dog-catcher, too.

I'll be using the setting rules from Stark City, so once I get things sketched out, I'll leave blanks for the players to fill in.  A map might be good, but then again, maybe not.  I'll have to mull that one over.

So, there ya go.  Not deep, but hey, blogging takes practice.

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