Sunday, October 28, 2012

The Cast Assembles

This afternoon saw a gathering at my house for a pre-game session. Mostly, we finished up character creation (Hero Lab remains the best thing ever for this).  Our cast is an interesting mix, to say the least:

Beerbeard, a Dwarven Bard played by my son.  He plays a hurdy-gurdy and sings about beer and gold a lot.

Judkiss "Candles" Gleave, a Human (Thug) Rogue. So nicknamed for his propensity for arson.

Bergano Decyriac, Human (Swashbuckler) Rogue.  A dashing swordsman, intent on pursuing the good life.

Caunwen Mathanmyr, a straight-laced Elf Ranger.

Flarentindalistalus, aka "Flare", a pyromaniac Gnome Sorcerer

Kishiko, an Elf Sea Witch, with a crab familiar

We're a little light on healing (the Bard and Witch can supply some) and there's no one with any energy channeling, which could be problem if undead turn up in numbers, but I think I can DM around that.  I'm a little more worried about the relative lack of front-line combat types.  However, since I'm planning on using modules written for four PCs with a group ranging up to six, I'm hoping that will offset some of the hazards.

If nothing else, they should be an entertaining bunch.

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