Saturday, October 27, 2012

And Then, You Decided To Celebrate

I'm getting ramped up to run some Pathfinder.  A few weeks ago, someone on posted a neat idea for a campaign, The Epic Pub-Crawl of Destiny.  Short version: The PCs, all first-level types on the road to adventure haul off to a local tavern to celebrate their first success.  There is drinking and merriment and...

When they wake up, two weeks have passed.  And they're at least 100 miles from where they last remember.  And they're not even sure the folks with them are the same ones they went to the tavern with.  Also, the locals seem to think they volunteered to help with something, the sort of something that only adventurer-types can handle.  And when that task is done, well surely there will be drink and the whole thing starts anew.  Sort of "Quantum Leap," but with swords and spells.

The longer version involves Golarion's god of Freedom, Wine, and Ale.  And a bigger plot that's been brewing in the back of my head.  But mostly, especially, early on, it's a great device to allow me to mix up adventure styles and keep the players a little off balance.

Tomorrow, folks are coming over to iron out characters and I may be able to run some initial set-up stuff.  I've got five adults and my son lined up to play.  I've convinced the Boy to try something different from his usual backstabby rogue schtick, thus Beerbeard came to being.  He's a dwarven bard.  Who plays a hurdy-gurdy.  Should be a hoot.

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