Saturday, March 10, 2012

No Marvel Tonight

We had issues with player and GM illness, so the Marvel game via Skype got postponed.  But the night wasn't completely without superheroics.  I picked up the PDF version of Heroes and Villains v2 for Green Ronin's DC Adventures game.  It's, not unexpectedly, lovely.  But it also makes me kind of sad, because GR wisely opted to write up the iconic versions of DC's stable of heroes and baddies.  Contrasted with the sheer crapfest the DC Universe has degenerated into since the advent of the "New 52," it's kind of a depressing reminder of how great things were.

In other news, it looks like I'll be running another D&D (or D&D-ish) for newbies game in the very near future.  I need to speak with the player recruiter to figure out details, so more on that when I know the score.

Finally, "John Carter" is fantastic.  Go see it before it drops off the radar.

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