Monday, November 29, 2010

Rockin' The Dice, Rockin' Them Hard

Last night was our semi-monthly (or so) D&D 4e game.  The biggest piece of coolness with this game is that our GM, Greg, has a rather hefty collection of Master Maze terrain and lots of minis.  So it's possible to have a very near WYSIWYG dungeon experience.  I decided to document last night's session in the form of a photo essay. which I've collected here:

Dungeon Crawlin' Fools (with commentary)

Here's a teaser image:

The campaign is set in a faux-classical Mediterranean analog.  A couple of the races are re-skinned from 4e, so Vulk is actually a Bolgani (Man-Ape) Barbarian, not a Half-Orc, and Nesiir the Wizard is an Ushutud, not Dragonborn.  Rounding out the party is Nalasra an Aasimar (Deva) Cleric, Pseudolus - aka "The Lyre", my Human Bard, and Gaius, our pet NPC Human Fighter.

The end battle was definitely epic, in scope if not level.

(From a purely stylistic perspective, I really love the way the flash on my Blackberry camera made all the tight shots look vaguely subterranean.)

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