Thursday, June 29, 2017

Sins of the Past - Revisited

The three or four of you who still read this may recall that I've got a pretty solid history with ICONS. Some years ago, I posted a character a day for quite a few months as a means of processing depression. Before that, I wrote "Sins of the Past", one of the earliest "official" adventures for the game, back when Adamant Entertainment published it. When Steve Kenson got the rights back and published ICONS: THE ASSEMBLED EDITION, we talked about doing an updated version of Sins for the new edition of the game. It's probably been three years since that initial conversation, but I'm happy to say that "Sins of the Past Revisited" is now available at Drive-Thru RPG for the low, low price of five bucks.

This new version is fully updated to ICONS: THE ASSEMBLED EDITION, with all-new (gorgeous) art and maps by Dan Houser. There's new material from me and it's all been carefully edited and developed by Steve Kenson.

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