Wednesday, August 1, 2012

A Bucket of D6 & a Boot to the Head

Last night, I played Champions for the first time in three or four years.  Actually, in terms of playing and not GMing, it's probably the first time since 2007 or so (whenever Steve Long was a guest at Owlcon, and that was a one-shot).  It's definitely the first time I've played 6th edition.

I played the Black Dragon, a martial artist who is neither Asian, nor Black, but still seems to fit the exploitation hero role in the eyes of the rest of the team.  Which explains why he met up with the rest of the team at "Dim Sum & Den Some," a Chinese/Soul Food restaurant run by the ever bodacious Miss Honey Pai.  By that point, I decided to just roll with it.

Anyway, I rolled tons of dice, and kicked butt with Kung Fu and generally grooved on the slightly different vibe I found at the table.  There was more in-character bits of roleplaying than we usually get out of the Tuesday games.  Maybe it's the genre, or maybe it's just that the Hero System is a little more conducive to playing a character instead of an archetype.  I don't know, but I enjoyed the heck out of it.

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