Sunday, July 22, 2012

Vacation's End

I've had the last week off.  Most of it, I spent doing as little as possible.  This weekend, though, I had to travel up to the Dallas area.  My wife had a meeting to attend for the SCA (she's a Kingdom-level officer), and we had to be back in Houston today in order to attend a family reunion.  So, my job was to hang out all day and drive us home last night.

Of course, the meeting wasn't actually in Dallas; it was in Terrell, a very small and sleepy town about 45 minutes away.  Given there was nothing for my son and I to do, we drove over to the Big D to hit bookstores of the used, comic, and game variety (as Dallas actually has some decent game stores).

Yesterday's Haul:
A signed Mouse Guard print for my son
Physical copies of Heroes & Villains, v1 and 2 for DC Adventures
The Advanced Races Guide for Pathfinder
Rise of the Runelords for Pathfinder
A copy of the Walt Simonsen Thor Omnibus collection for 1/2 cover price

My wallet has yet to forgive me, but most of those things are items I couldn't get in Houston, and the last was too good a deal to pass up.

Then, today, my wife and I decided to exchange anniversary presents a couple of days early.  I gave her some books on Renaissance art and some painted lead collectors figures of Big Barda and Black Canary.

She gave me this:

Stylish, and epic!

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