Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Tonight, I got to unveil Wei Sha-Li at the gaming table.  All in all, a dedicated martial artist is a lot more fun to play than a creepy mad scientist.  Part of the fun (for me at least, and the other players and GM seemed to dig it) was coming up with interesting (some might say crazy) ways to say "I punch him."  Even when one consumes a steady diet of kung-fu movies, t's harder than it looks.  Fortunately, I had some help.

Back when I originally pitched the adventure idea for ICONS that became "Sins of the Past," I also planned on writing a second adventure called "Triad of Doom." It was going to be a comic book martial arts extravaganza.  Unfortunately, I got bogged down and never completed it.  But one thing I did manage to finish was this:

Click to Embiggen
Behold, the Random Martial Arts Moves/Schools Table.  Just roll a couple of d6, cross index as needed, mix, and match.  Instant kung-fu insanity.  Just tonight, I use the Invisible Spirit Fist (defined as hitting the guy without appearing to move), the Northern Stone Talon, and the titular Octagonal Yang Meditation (which is apparently a sword technique).  In between rounds, I'd roll to figure out what the next move was called, then come up with a description.  It seemed fairly non-intrusive, and it was a hell of a lot of fun from my perspective.  I think I'll have to keep it handy should I ever get another Feng Shui game off the ground.


  1. This is fucking genius. I am so cribbing this.

  2. I am stealing this like a Lohan near a drug supply.

  3. Magic. Straight into Tablesmith this goes, yes it does.